Save Money and Entertain at Home

For those working with a tight budget during these harsh economic times, entertainment options may feel limiting. No longer are families able to take the summer vacations to the beach houses or to Disneyland . No longer is going out to dinner two or three times a week for couples an option. And for single people, nights out on the town in their local pubs come at too much a cost.

Twenty years ago, finding entertainment via the television, was also quite limiting. Perhaps there were four or five local channels available, but television programming consisted much of the time, of re-runs or the nightly news. Television has changed with the times, perhaps at a rate that really went a bit faster than the times did themselves. In a few short years, cable television networks starting becoming available. This did two things. Of course, it provided a myriad of choices for nightly entertainment, from movie channels to sports channels, art channels and cooking channels. When times are financially difficult, it may be necessary to look towards a short term loan. These loans do provide some comfort if the expenses of daily living become too much for a family to handle on their own.

However, nightly entertainment found at home offers families, couples, and singles a way to still participate in life, without spending a whole lot of money to do so. Even getting a pay per view show for a sporting event costs far less than attending. A simple baseball game at Chicago’s Wrigley Field can cost two people upwards of a hundred dollars. But a family or a group of friend can pitch in for a pay per view of the Cubbies playing live, and enjoy the same feeling in the comfort of their own living room, eating much better food on top of it.

Going out to the movies is another activity that is becoming quite costly, in some cities ticket prices are topping at $15 per person. Add on another forty or so dollars for the concession stand, and a night at the movies can set a family back quite a bit. Movie channels on television are quite up to date now, often times showing movies that are still playing in some theaters. And again, the big tub of popcorn you make at home comes at less of a cost and with far better melted butter. So staying in at night has become the new way to paint the town red, while helping to keep the pocketbooks of the participants still in the black. From movies, to boxing matches to documentaries and children’s channels, television is doing what it did in the 1950′s once again. It’s bringing family and friends together, and providing entertainment in an inexpensive manner once again.


Dave Kennedy is a financial blogger and stock analyst.  He has written about all aspects of personal money management for and other financial sites.

TV Land and Hot Rod Culture

The world of television is a potent reservoir, feeding into the memories of a mainstream culture in particularly effective ways. The way people think about hot rods today may seem to have been almost entirely influenced by shows like American Hot Rod. These popular programs give viewers the chance to find out how the auto fanatics make their vehicles into what they are. Discussions of certain kinds of mods, the reasons why nexen tires are so popular among enthusiasts, and mind-boggling transformations are the topics at hand, and it’s always a beautiful ride. It’s made even more enjoyable by the fact that the people on tv are the ones who have to do the work.

This reality-tv based version of gathering information may be appealing to a number of people. A massive number, too, given the viewership of these shows. There are also other shows that have absolutely influenced the way people think about the cars. Perhaps these other shows play a larger part, because they are fictional, and have that elusive ability and can work their way into the imagination.

It would be very difficult to find a discussion of the best way to polish rims, or the benefits of
nitto tires on classic tv, but that doesn’t make it any less potent. Most people can remember, or have parents who remember Happy Days, and for a lot of people, this was a celebration of the time when hot rods were becoming what they are. For a larger group of people, this was an introduction to it.

On one show, Richie buys a red hot rod from Fonzie, and he begins to suspect that it was stolen. On the earlier shows, Ralph Malph was actually a bit of a thug, was in a gang, and drove a fantastic yellow hot rod. Hot rods were related to danger, and bordered on an outlaw lifestyle. At the same time, they were icons of a time that is simpler, if only in recollection. These are the things that are still in contemporary thought about hot rods. Spark plugs and timing belts are also there, but those details are for the experts. The rest of the public gets to enjoy their outlaw hot rod dreams. These images do have profound effects on the world at large. Although it isn’t because of shows like this that there is a kind of outlaw stance among hot rod owners today, these shows fed into an idea that was already there, and whose origins are perhaps unknowable.

Roger Deveraux is a sports writer and film & TV addict.  He follows racers like Danica Patrick, Scott Tucker and Jimmie Johnson as reporting on all the top US races each season.

American Obsessions with Cars Television and Sports

There are a few things for which the majority of the mainstream population in the United States are obsessed. Some of these include sports, their cars and television shows. These are lifestyle related, though we could include emotional, mental and even belief system aspects like religion and politics; however, the majority of people veer toward the above items as part of their ongoing habits and activity obsessions. And referring back to the top three mentioned above, some people even combine them. Of course the majority of sporting events are viewed on televisions, whether from one’s home or at a sports bar. And for those who prefer their NBA action live, they’re more than proud to pull up at the sporting arena with their spiffy Cragar wheels on their hot new sports car.

Meanwhile, it’s also true that many people are fascinated by certain television shows due to the cars that frequently star in them. Magnum P.I. and Knight Rider are just two examples, though they are definitely significant ones. However, for any great auto enthusiast, of which there are many, they happen to know the make, model and year of almost every vehicle in every show. And they can sometimes describe characters more by the car they drive than say for their profession. This might not be true when the show revolves around a particular profession, such as Boston Legal or Grey’s Anatomy. For these shows and others like them it’s anyone’s guess if the star happens to use toyo tires or buys them from a discount store.

Meanwhile for shows like Magnum P.I. and Knight Rider, the cars as much of the program’s stars as are the human characters. The Knight Rider is most famous for David Hasselhoff and KITT, the two main characters. While Hasselhoff played David Knight, a modern day crime fighting knight, KITT is the show’s modified Pontiac Trans Am, and received as much as or more attention as the car’s human counterpart. The car featured an assortment of extremely attractive and fascinating features. These included the durable shell frame and infamous artificial intelligence. Knight and KITT had communications that related to human connections, and in most ways the car served as Knight’s most trusted friend. This is a personification of the metaphoric relationship many people have with their own cars. Regardless of the combinations of obsessions, television, sports and cars go hand in hand in living the American dream.

Filming in Ottawa

Ottawa apartment rentals have increased as many people interested in the film and television industry have been seeking to make their dreams come true in the country of Canada. Many American companies have been using Canadian backdrops for years, and this has made an impact on the projects that are now coming out of the various cities in the country, with Ottawa being one of the Canadian leaders in the entertainment industry. The organization that has taken the lead in this creative endeavour is the Ottawa-Gatineau Corporation for Film and Television. They are currently busy with the end of the year activities which include tributes to various film makers and with the end of the year awards ceremonies. These events are not only important ways to honor and represent quality new work in the industry but they also attract and contribute to the overall tourist industry. As is true for the field of film itself, it must draw both passionate professional practitioners as well as diverse audience members and enthusiasts.

The organization is a non-profit organization which exists outside the realm of government influence. Not only is this the oldest organization of its kind in the country of Canada, but it is the second oldest film organization in the world. Many people are choosing to spend these last couple of months in the city and find many options for short term places for locations. Rent Starlight becomes daylight when captured by the hands of cinematographers, and experimental filmmakers were honored this past month for their achievements. The woman who was the quest artist is Heidi Phillips. She is known for her ability to recycle footage, to rearrange it and combine it with her own work to create a collaboration of mind and of artistic expression.

Another Canadian filmmaker was honored this October, Tony Asimakopoulos . He is a director from Montreal, who has worked on award winning short films, and has finished his first documentary, “Fortunate Son”. Asimakopoulos was honored not only for his work in cinematography and film making, but for his contributions to kids at risk. Having made his way through a life of drug addiction, he now helps others by providing young filmmakers the opportunities to express and define themselves through their artwork and their own stories. His short films will be shown through the month of November. It is no wonder that Canada is fast becoming a serious contender in the world of the entertainment industry.

Comical Elements in Jeeves and Wooster

             Comedies families can watch together are a rarity today. Good, clean humor seems to have disappeared with the censorship repeal. There are a few TV. series that rely on witty discourse, interactive facial expressions, and humorous situations to entertain their audiences. The TV. series, Jeeves and Wooster , is one of these comedies. Jeeves and Wooster‘s comedic adaptation of an English gentlemen and his trusted valet in the 1920s portrays the kind of humor families can enjoy. Families will delight in Jeeves’ unfailing common sense and Wooster’s good-natured goofiness. Wooster’s rebellion against the rules of Edwardian fashion is one episode that will not fail to entertain.
               Jeeves and Wooster reveal the humorous rules of Edwardian fashion. Wooster is an English gentleman who enjoys new fashion. As Wooster’s valet, Jeeves tries to dissuade Wooster from wearing designer men’s clothing that will make him appear ridiculous in society. To Jeeves dismay, Wooster purchases a dinner jacket while on vacation. Jeeves warns Wooster that a white dinner jacket is not considered good taste in Edwardian fashion. He will be mistaken for a waiter. Wooster ignores Jeeves’ warning. He wears the white dinner jacket to his Aunt, Lady Dalia’s dinner party. Aunt Dalia’s derision of Wooster’s white dinner jacket is witting and cutting. Wooster realizes that the jacket causes him to blend in with the footmen, attending Lady Dalia’s dinner. Wooster sits through Lady Dalia’s dinner with as much composure as he can gather. The facial expressions during this scene display a mastery of innocent fun that families will enjoy. The memory of this awkward dinner soon fades though. Wooster’s nature is not satisfied unless it purchases something it does not need. A Skimmer straw hat snatches Wooster’s attention in New York. The straw hat makes Wooster look spiffy and, as Jeeves points out, as common as a politician or a tenor in a men’s Quartet. It is not the sort of designer men’s accessories , Jeeves could recommend to an English gentlemen. Jeeves’ opinions are correct. The hat leads Wooster to consort with doubtful men who wear Skimmer hats. Worse, the Skimmer’s straw form fades abruptly during the return sea voyage home.
                Jeeves and Wooster‘s writers recreate an Englishman’s life, in the 1920s, using the comedic elements of the period. The accents are authentic and the dialogue witty. Unlike Hollywood animated movies, adult references are not part of the script. The writers and the comedians have to work harder for their laughs, in order to remain an authentic source of Edwardian humor. Jeeves and Wooster‘s emphasis on realistic, period humor allows the TV. series to reach a wider audience, making it appealing to families with children of all ages.

Changing Social Perspectives and Television

Periodically speaking, it is a common complaint to hear that here is nothing on television, nothing worth watching, that is. So, if this is true, or at least true whenever a major hit ends its run, or as soon as the season is officially over, why do television shows continue to be the most popular form of entertainment? And why are televisions sets turned on more hours of the day in typical homes than they are off? These are broad statements that are only true to some people, right? But let’s look at it a bit closer, ask yourself if you’ve ever complained about he quality of television today, then consider how many hours a day your television is on, compared to how much time you spend reading, watching a movie or going to a play? Does it speak more to the complacency of society, or an ongoing reluctance for satisfaction, or neither, or something else entirely? Well, it might have something to do with finances and the amount of entertainment dollars people have available today.

Do any of these questions matter? And have we as a society accepted television as an unavoidable, inevitable aspect of life, much like traffic signs and grocery stores. We simply have to accept its place in our life. Well, then what about those great television shows that come along once out of every one thousand pilots, pitches or sketched ideas? The Seinfelds, Boston Legals, Twenty Fours, All in the Families, Dallas’s, Friends, and Cheers, just to name a few? How do these shows become incorporated into the social icons of multiple generations? TV ads generate enormous income for popular shows, not so much for the start ups.

And in addition to that, regular television has to compete with cable television shows. However, the comparative freedom of cable might seem like a distinct advantage to the creativity of programs, it is actually a double-edged sword. Too many times these cable television shows rely on controversial shock and awe elements and forget that it’s always a sound story theme with intriguing characters and a compelling plot that will win over and retain an audience. HBO programs like Six Feet Under and the Sopranos are excellent examples of maximizing the potential of cable. Meanwhile, budgeting considerations are another factor in a show’s success. New shows are always competing against established popular hits, and it’s a tough curve. And what does all of these mean for burgeoning self produced series that are popping up all over the Internet? For minimal budgets creative individuals are starting new series that become viral in no time. Imagine, for the minimal loan from Money Mutual you could have the Internet version of Dexter in your future.

Cars are Popular in Television Shows

Television has become a huge part of the world culture and many fads, phases and phenomenons have been sparked all by one television show. Producers and creators of television shows have come up with so many different types of shows ranging from reality shows, dating shows, dramas, comedies and even how tos. One trend that has been very popular with television shows is focusing the show around cars.

Cars have been a popular subject of television shows because most people like cars, they enjoy them and there are so many different angles that a producer or director can choose to utilize. Many of the tv shows featuring automobiles have been huge hits, so here are just a few.

First is Pimp My Ride, where the host, Xzibit, would take over a persons run down, old car and give it to West Coast Customs to customize and “pimp” out the car. Some of the features they would include in the cars are television screens, a milkshake maker, custom stereo systems, new interior and even a bowling ball washer. The outside of the car usually featured some crazy paint job and brand new wheels and tires. This television show sparked a lot of interest in the customizing of cars and customizers saw an increase in rims for sale.

Another great television show that featured a very popular and well-liked car is Herbie. The show only ran for 5 seasons but it sparked 6 movies and the car is one of the most recognizable and iconic cars. Herbie was a white Volkswagen Beetle Bug with blue and red racing stripes and he was able to drive himself and usually triumphed through difficult situations.

Television has become one of the most influential pieces of pop culture and has spurred many trends. One of the greatest trends in television is the use of cars as the main character or main feature of a show. There have been all different types of shows revolving around cars and there will be more to come.

Legal Dramas are a Part of American Life

The American public has always been obsessed with television shows that involve lawyers. There have been so many legal shows it becomes difficult to count them all. Since there are so many and they have been airing for so long here are a few of the best.

L.A. law has been a huge hit. The show about the Los Angeles law office portrayed the legal field as exciting, smart, driven and sexy. This show ran from 1986 to 1994 and was centered around the personal as well as professional lives of the characters. Scenes took place in the court room as well as law offices. It is one of the most popular and well known legal television dramas.

Law and Order is one of the longest running shows in all of television, it is tied with Gunsmoke as the longest running television show. The series originally aired in 1990 and ran for 20 years until 2010 when the producers decided to bring it to an end. The show was created by Dick Wolf who wanted to portray the legal field in a different light, he wanted to make the prosecutor the hero as opposed to the defense. NBC liked the show and signed on in 1990.

Law and Order also spurred new shows based of the same concept such as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: LA. All three shows currently airing on television. Law and Order: SVU is now in its twelfth season and Law and Order: CI is finishing up with its tenth and final season, while Law and Order: LA is relatively new.

Another hit show was The Practice. A popular drama that ran for 8 seasons, the show focused on a Boston law firm which handled high profile criminal and civil cases. The show seemed to always provide a struggle between legal ethics and personal ethics.

The legal system is a huge part of American society and it is no surprise that the television shows reaffirm that Americans are fascinated with the legal field.

Basic Car Maintenance

When it comes to do it yourself auto repair there are simple things that anyone can do, and then there are the more difficult tasks that should probably be left to the professionals, or at least to DIYers who have a lot of experience under the hood of a car or have actually taken classes in auto repair.

The most basic car maintenance that an car owner can undertake is purely cosmetic. Washing the car, auto detailing , and removing small scratches and dents from the body of the vehicle are fairly simple. Next up is the replacement of simple car parts. Anyone can figure out how to replace windshield wiper blades or put in a new headlight. Checking tire pressure and adding air to a tire is also a simple task.

With a little bit of instruction from a person, car manual, or online video, drivers can learn to do the next level of repairs. They can change the oil in the car or replace an air filter. Some will replace spark plugs, put in a new battery, or even rotate their own tires. These mid level repairs aren’t difficult, they just require an understanding of how the car components work, a familiarity with handling tools , and a willingness to get dirty.

More elaborate repairs that involve computer systems, electrical wiring or the larger systems of the car should probably be left to a professional mechanic. They will have the diagnostic equipment and special tools to make these repairs properly and safely.

Stylish Decor Doesn’t Have to Drain Your Bank Account

Those beautiful home and garden magazines that showcase the homes of the wealthy and famous are a little like cookbooks. People peruse them and think how beautiful and amazing the room designs are, but they know they could never duplicate the photos in their own home. It’s not just a matter of not having the design equivalent of a green thumb; it’s about the fact that those rooms cost tens of thousands of dollars — or even hundreds of thousands of dollars — to create and many are filled with one of a kind items.

It may not be possible to reproduce a room to the smallest detail, but home owners on limited budgets can still have a stylish home. They need to be willing to employ two important skills: creativity and deal hunting. That means using their imagination to come up with alternatives and their detective skills to track down furniture sales or a Next Day Blind coupon for window treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, everyone is creative. They just need to relax and let their mind come up with other ways to make something. Failing that, there are countless TV shows and magazine articles that give ideas on how to recreate a stylish room design on a budget. These tips include things like buying second-hand furniture or doing their own painting or wallpapering. Some people may even be willing to take on minor restoration or art projects.

Those things that can’t be bought used or made by hand will have to be bought, but not necessarily at full price. In addition to next day blinds coupons , homeowners can find all sorts of rebates and discount codes online for everything from rugs to artwork to accessories.