Save Money and Entertain at Home

For those working with a tight budget during these harsh economic times, entertainment options may feel limiting. No longer are families able to take the summer vacations to the beach houses or to Disneyland . No longer is going out to dinner two or three times a week for couples an option. And for single people, nights out on the town in their local pubs come at too much a cost.

Twenty years ago, finding entertainment via the television, was also quite limiting. Perhaps there were four or five local channels available, but television programming consisted much of the time, of re-runs or the nightly news.… Read the rest

TV Land and Hot Rod Culture

The world of television is a potent reservoir, feeding into the memories of a mainstream culture in particularly effective ways. The way people think about hot rods today may seem to have been almost entirely influenced by shows like American Hot Rod. These popular programs give viewers the chance to find out how the auto fanatics make their vehicles into what they are. Discussions of certain kinds of mods, the reasons why nexen tires are so popular among enthusiasts, and mind-boggling transformations are the topics at hand, and it’s always a beautiful ride.… Read the rest

American Obsessions with Cars Television and Sports

There are a few things for which the majority of the mainstream population in the United States are obsessed. Some of these include sports, their cars and television shows. These are lifestyle related, though we could include emotional, mental and even belief system aspects like religion and politics; however, the majority of people veer toward the above items as part of their ongoing habits and activity obsessions. And referring back to the top three mentioned above, some people even combine them. Of course the majority of sporting events are viewed on televisions, whether from one’s home or at a sports bar.… Read the rest

Filming in Ottawa

Ottawa apartment rentals have increased as many people interested in the film and television industry have been seeking to make their dreams come true in the country of Canada. Many American companies have been using Canadian backdrops for years, and this has made an impact on the projects that are now coming out of the various cities in the country, with Ottawa being one of the Canadian leaders in the entertainment industry. The organization that has taken the lead in this creative endeavour is the Ottawa-Gatineau Corporation for Film and Television.… Read the rest

Comical Elements in Jeeves and Wooster

             Comedies families can watch together are a rarity today. Good, clean humor seems to have disappeared with the censorship repeal. There are a few TV. series that rely on witty discourse, interactive facial expressions, and humorous situations to entertain their audiences. The TV. series, Jeeves and Wooster , is one of these comedies. Jeeves and Wooster‘s comedic adaptation of an English gentlemen and his trusted valet in the 1920s portrays the kind of humor families can enjoy. Families will delight in Jeeves’ unfailing common sense and Wooster’s good-natured goofiness.… Read the rest

Changing Social Perspectives and Television

Periodically speaking, it is a common complaint to hear that here is nothing on television, nothing worth watching, that is. So, if this is true, or at least true whenever a major hit ends its run, or as soon as the season is officially over, why do television shows continue to be the most popular form of entertainment? And why are televisions sets turned on more hours of the day in typical homes than they are off? These are broad statements that are only true to some people, right? But let’s look at it a bit closer, ask yourself if you’ve ever complained about he quality of television today, then consider how many hours a day your television is on, compared to how much time you spend reading, watching a movie or going to a play?… Read the rest

Cars are Popular in Television Shows

Television has become a huge part of the world culture and many fads, phases and phenomenons have been sparked all by one television show. Producers and creators of television shows have come up with so many different types of shows ranging from reality shows, dating shows, dramas, comedies and even how tos. One trend that has been very popular with television shows is focusing the show around cars.

Cars have been a popular subject of television shows because most people like cars, they enjoy them and there are so many different angles that a producer or director can choose to utilize.… Read the rest

Legal Dramas are a Part of American Life

The American public has always been obsessed with television shows that involve lawyers. There have been so many legal shows it becomes difficult to count them all. Since there are so many and they have been airing for so long here are a few of the best.

L.A. law has been a huge hit. The show about the Los Angeles law office portrayed the legal field as exciting, smart, driven and sexy. This show ran from 1986 to 1994 and was centered around the personal as well as professional lives of the characters.… Read the rest

Basic Car Maintenance

When it comes to do it yourself auto repair there are simple things that anyone can do, and then there are the more difficult tasks that should probably be left to the professionals, or at least to DIYers who have a lot of experience under the hood of a car or have actually taken classes in auto repair.

The most basic car maintenance that an car owner can undertake is purely cosmetic. Washing the car, auto detailing , and removing small scratches and dents from the body of the vehicle are fairly simple.… Read the rest

Stylish Decor Doesn’t Have to Drain Your Bank Account

Those beautiful home and garden magazines that showcase the homes of the wealthy and famous are a little like cookbooks. People peruse them and think how beautiful and amazing the room designs are, but they know they could never duplicate the photos in their own home. It’s not just a matter of not having the design equivalent of a green thumb; it’s about the fact that those rooms cost tens of thousands of dollars — or even hundreds of thousands of dollars — to create and many are filled with one of a kind items.… Read the rest